The guy who runs things at Lone Star Chemical is a “customer service” kind of guy.

Kip McAlister, president and CEO of the firm, has been with the company since 1993. He took over the top role in 2005, succeeding his father, company founder Mike McAlister, in that position. (Mike is still active in the company, though not so heavily as in former years.)

Both father and son believe that customer service is what counts.

“I believe we do an outstanding job of it,” Kip says. “If you call this office, a live person answers the phone 90 percent of the time. They can either help you, or put you in touch with somebody who can help you immediately. We also like to communicate very well with our customers, even if it’s bad news. I don’t want to not tell them something even if it’s bad. We will give them good news and bad news.

“They don’t always like to hear it. [But] I think if you were to talk to some of our customers, they would tell you that we are outstanding as far as communication is concerned.”

Customers of Lone Star use the company’s plastic resins to mold all kinds of products. Kip described a wide range of customer specialties:

“They’ll use our plastics to create items like knives, spoons, forks, straws, and plates. Housewares. Cutting boards, spatulas, that kind of stuff. Plastic clipboards. We have a company that makes a tremendous amount of gun cases. They also also make band instrument cases, any case you could possibly imagine.”

On the more unusual side, Lone Star sells resins to businesses that create products that clean up oil spills or other industrial spills. (“You don’t think of a product like that as being plastic,” Kip says.)

“We also sell to rotational molders who make oil field tanks. And we sell to companies that make variety of different things, like agricultural products for cattle and horses.”

Kip’s biggest contribution to the company has been the expansion of the business into relationships with a greater number of plastics suppliers. Lone Star has grown considerably under his direction.

For all of that, Kip considers “being a father” one of his greatest accomplishments. He is dad to three daughters.

An athlete in his youth, he played college football at Texas Tech University and East Texas State University. Eventually he earned a Bachelors Degree in Business.

In his leisure time, Kip enjoys playing golf at courses both local and around the world.
Kip McAlister - President & CEO
Kip McAlister | President & CEO

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