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Strike Gold




Grinding Ease
Enhanced Technologies & Grinding with Pulverizing
Unmatched Creep & Impact Properties
Unparalleled Chemical Resistance
Increased Impermeability to Fuels

Two Grades

Two separate grades for your most challenging needs. Committed to the rotomold industry, our products are based on our exceptional expertise with metallocene catalysis.


  • Outstanding Processing
  • Unique mechanical properties
  • Excellent dimensional
  • Enhanced Optical Properties
  • Low Permeability to solvents and fuels


  • Enhanced impact strength
  • Impermeability to fuels
  • Resistance to creep
  • Chemical resistance (ESCR)
  • Adhesion properties
  • Dimensional properties
  • Surface finish
Grade M3581UV M4041UV
Density 0.935 0.940
Melt-flow 6 4
Anti-UV High Outstanding
Yield Strength 18 21
Tensile Strength 11 21
Elongation at Break > 700 > 800
Flexural Modulus 700 730
Melting Temperature 123 126
Typical Applications Fuel tank, technical and automotive parts Heating oil tank, automotive parts

Due to inexpensive molds, rotational molding remains exceptionally cost-efficient while maintaining limitless design flexibility.

Cost Effective

High Tech

Oil & Trucks

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