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StarPLas 6950 HDPE


StarPLas 6950 HDPE

Melt Index (2.16 Kg-230°C) g/10 min: PE-HDPE injections Grade

Flexural Modulus PSI: 6

Izod 73°F (ft-lb/in): n/a

Specific feature(s): .950 Density

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have regarding this material. 940-240-0012

Melt Flow ASTM Test Typical Value

Datasheet is not available.



Other Information

This material will comply with FDA requirements as described in 21 CFR 177.1640.

The above values are intended as a general guide and do not represent results that may be obtained elsewhere. Lone Star Chemical makes no warranty of merchantability and there is no warranty that goods supplied shall be fit for any particular purpose.

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