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Homopolymer Polypropylene


Melt Index (2.16 Kg-230°C) g/10 min: 18

Flexural Modulus PSI: 220000

Izod 73°F (ft-lb/in): n/a

Specific feature(s): BCF, Continuous Filament, Secondary Backing

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TotalEnergies Products
Product line Polypropylene
Origin US
Product category Homopolymer Polypropylene
Specific features BCF, Continuous Filament, Secondary Backing
Process (Bulk) Continuous Fiber Extrusion, Fiber extrusion
Typical applications Bulk Continuous Filament
Flexural Modulus PSi 220000
Melt Index (2.16 Kg-230°C) g/10min 18
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