It was more than 20 years ago that Trent Brown began his career in the plastic resin distribution world.

“My first eight years in the industry, I was a technical service engineer for a resin distribution company,” Trent says. “It was year nine that I jumped into the world of resin sales and marketing. This company that I was with sold almost every polymer that was available to the processors. I was troubleshooting and selling commodity and engineering grades of resin.”

Trent says he grew up in the industry outside of Chicago, then transferred to Kansas City, then back to Chicagoland. “I then took a leap of faith and moved to the Great State of Texas,” he says. “I met the guys from Lone Star on the golf course and by hole 10, I was working for them as sales and tech service. The last four years at Lone Star has rejuvenated my love for the plastics world.”

If you need help processing, building molds, or selecting materials, or if you just want a quote for resin, look Trent up at Lone Star Chemical. We mainly specialize in commodity and PLA resins, but we can get anything you are looking to purchase.
Trent Brown - Accounts Manager & Tech Services
Trent Brown | Accounts Manager & Tech Services
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