Polystyrene Resin

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Polystyrene Resin

Polystyrene resin

Polystyrene resin is a thermoplastic polymer produced from Styrene monomer.  Polystyrene Resin is used in several products from consumer to medical today because of the ease and speed of which it can be processed.  Today polystyrene styrene is produced in the U.S. by only three the major producers Total Petrochemicals, Ineos, and American Styrenics. 

General-Purpose Resins (GPPS) or Crystal Polystyrene  offers  clarity, process-ability and performance. Excellent clarity, chemical resistance and radiation stability make general purpose polystyrene resin suitable for a variety of applications including packaging, dinnerware, and displays.

High-Impact Resins (HIPS)
  offer process-ability, toughness, and gloss. These resins are designed for applications such as packaging, household products, appliance parts, toys and dinnerware where impact resistance is required.

Lone Star Chemical offers a full line certified prime polystyrene resins.  

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