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Polypropylene Resin




 Polypropylene resin is one of the most dynamic resins available today.  There are three types of polypropylene resin; Homopolymer, Random Copolymer, and Impact Copolymer.  Polypropylene resin can be used in a wide range of products and applications; blow molding (bottles and makeup containers), non-woven (band aids and diapers), extrusion (rope and carpet), and Injection molding (cups and housewares).  Polypropylene can also be modified with glass or mineral to meet each unique situation.  Some of the major producers in the North America are Phillips66, Braskem, ExxonMobil, Flint Hills, Formosa, Pinnacle, Ineos, Equistar (LyondellBasell), and Total Petrochemicals.

Lone Star Chemical is a distributor for Total Petrochemicals & Refining.

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